A new and exciting range of gcmaf skin creams have recently been released for sale these include the GLYCOVIVE , GLYMINO , GLYCOLUSH and GLYCOSHYNE range of skin care creams these creams are a light skin cream enriched with glycoproteins that may help to support the immune system and skin immunity, this can be used as part of your lymphatic massage routine, or topically to sooth troubled skin to improve its appearance.

High quality ingredients have been used in making these creams and have been combined to increase the benefits of the GcMAF.

See below for a complete listing of the gcmaf cream range which is now available from gcmafproducts.com

gcmaf cream

GLYCOVIVE skin cream 2000ng glycoprotein w/ Frankincense 30ml

GLYCOVIVE skin cream 6500ng glycoprotein w/ Frankincense 30ml

GLYCOVIVE skin cream 12000ng glycoprotein w/ Frankincense 30ml

GLYMINO SKIN CREAM 6500ng w/ Frankincense & Peptide Bioregulators 50 ml

GLYMINO Gcmaf 12000ng w/ Frankincense & Peptide Bioregulators 50 ml

Glycoshyne Gallium Cream 20ml with 2000ng glycoproteins & Biopeptide regulators


This complete range offers the best bang for your buck, not matter what gcmaf cream you choose, the GLYMINO, GLYCOSHYNE and GLYCOLUSH range of creams also include the added benefits of peptide bioregulators.

Peptide bioregulators help the various body organs heal and rejuvenate and should be used long term to see their full benefits.  These bioregulators are very costly but are included in a number of these creams at a very good price.

These Peptide Bioregulators can be looked at like a more cost effective option to stem cell treatment. With specific bioregulators targeting a specific organ and assisting it to function as a young and healthy organ without any negative side effects. When combined with GcMAF these bioregulators show even greater positive effects on the body.

For more infromation on the complete range of GcMAF creams and GcMAF creams is Peptide Bioregulators see www.gcmafproducts.com