How To USE:

Use a maximum of one 4-oz (125 ml) Some people use only a 50ml serving daily. It should be taken at the end of a meal rich in vegetables or leafy greens (fiber) or with a salad dressed with a teaspoon of olive oil.

The GcMAF yogurt should be Shaken well before consuming.

Flavor, if desired, with high-grade honey or fruit.

While drinking the yogurt, do not consume sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners (such as in beverages, foods, and chewing gum) because these substances deteriorate the product’s properties.

Do not rinse mouth or brush teeth for at least 1 hour after consuming it.

Keep it inside the mouth for about 15 seconds before swallowing it, some people like to swirl the yogurt around their mouth like a mouth wash for a 15 seconds.

Do not consume past the fourteen-day expiration date.